Effective Weight Loss with Xenical

Xenical is an effective weight loss aid that is used as part of an obesity treatment program. The treatment contains Orlistat as an active component, which works blocking the fat you consume and preventing itĀ from absorption by the body.

Generally, the medication is recommended as a weight-loss drug that also helps to eliminate the risk of further weight regaining. The treatment is effective if combined with a low-calorie diet, exercising and other measures. Although the remedy is widely appreciated as an obesity treatment, it may also be administered off-label for the elimination of other symptoms. Contact your medical specialist before you start the treatment course.

Safety Recommendations for Flawless Intake of Xenical

Do not start Xenical intake unless you are confident about its safety. Talk to your medical specialist about your current health state, mentioning all the underlying and accompanying disorders. Taking the drug in higher or smaller doses may lead to abnormal reactions or medication misuse. Follow the safety recommendations and individually-adjusted instructions to prevent possible disorders.

The dose of Xenical should be individually prescribed by a qualified medical specialist. The average dose is equal to 120 mg, which should be administered daily, with every meal that contains fat. Each tablet may be used either with a meal or an hour after it. Do not take the remedy with meals that do not have fat in its composition.

Xenical is a part of a complete weight management program that also includes weight control, a low-calorie diet, regular exercising, and other measures. The daily dose of carbohydrates, fat, and protein should be divided between the meals. Keep in mind that the active component of the medication may cause certain complications in body functioning. Specifically, it can make it difficult for the body to absorb vitamins and minerals. Therefore, doctors usually prescribe an extra dose of supplements during therapy with Xenical. Do not share your medication with other patients, unless it is recommended by the doctor.

Warnings, Contraindications, and Precautions

Do not start a weight loss program with Xenical if you are sensitive to Orlistat, its other components, or similar drugs. The remedy is not approved for patients who are diagnosed with malabsorption syndrome or gallbladder dysfunctions. Pregnant women should not start weight management therapy, as it may harm the health of an unborn child. Stop Xenical use once you have learned about pregnancy. The treatment may also be dangerous for breastfeeding women and their children. Xenical is not approved for patients under 12 years old. Contact your doctor before you start the therapy and make sure no side effects or complications bother you.

To ensure the maximal safety of Xenical intake, provide your healthcare specialist with detailed information about your current health state, mentioning such disorders as:

  • Kidney problems;
  • Liver abnormalities;
  • Underactive thyroid;
  • Kidney stones;
  • Pancreatitis;
  • Gallbladder issues;
  • Bulimia, anorexia or similar eating problems, etc.
Xenical Interactions with Other Pharmaceuticals

A range of prescription and OTC drugs, herbal supplements, minerals, and vitamins administered together with Xenical may lead to unwanted reactions and devastating complications. Inform your healthcare provider with information about other therapies you are taking. Pay ultimate attention to the following remedies:

  • Blood thinners;
  • Seizure treatments;
  • HIV/AIDS remedies;
  • Amiodarone;
  • Oral diabetes drugs, including Insulin;
  • Supplements or vitamins that contain vitamin E or beta-carotene.

The list of treatments is not full as other remedies may also contribute to the effects promoted by Xenical. Striving to achieve desired outcomes and eliminate any risks, the patient should start the treatment course with the consultation of a professional doctor.

Misuse Outcomes and Possible Side Effects

Emergency medical assistance may be required in case a patient experiences any symptoms of allergic reactions triggered by the use of Xenical. Watch for such disorders as breathing problems, hives, swelling of the throat, tongue, face, or lips, etc.

Stop the weight loss program and contact your doctor immediately if other dangerous complications occur, especially:

  • Severe pain in the lower back;
  • Stomach discomfort and pain;
  • Bloody or painful urination;
  • Kidney disorders that usually feature urination problems, swelling in ankles and feet, tiredness and breathing complications;
  • Liver problems that are characterized by dark urine, jaundice, upper stomach pain, nausea, vomiting, etc.

Other side effects associated with the misuse of Xenical are:

  • Stomach pain, rectal pain, nausea;
  • Oily discharge and gas;
  • Fatty or oily stools;
  • Loose stools;
  • Brown or orange colored stool;
  • Frequent bowel movements, etc.

Common adverse reactions are good signs of proper action of Xenical. The symptoms are not severe and will disappear after several days of the medication intake.

How to Buy Quality Xenical Online

Xenical is a popular weight loss aid that is available in local drugstores, as well as online pharmacies. Contact your medical specialist or discuss your condition with a doctor online, but make sure the therapy is safe. Online shopping for Xenical is entirely safe if it is done by a responsible buyer. Follow the safety instructions to achieve the desired effects with minimal risks.